Sci-Muscle, Intensive Muscular Development
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About Us

SCI-MUSCLE Nutrition Ltd. is an innovative, fastest growing sports nutrition company based in London, United Kingdom. SCI-MUSCLE Nutrition Ltd. was founded in 2011 and has since become the No.1 choice sports nutrition brand for numerous elite athletes and casual gym users alike. SCI-MUSCLE Nutrition follow some simple but very important rules when developing and manufacturing products ensuring that you will have piece of mind knowing that you are using the best quality products available. All SCI-MUSCLE products are manufactured in EU under a strict ISO 9001 and HACCP quality systems and confirm to international standards and regulations and are completely safe to use for healthy adults. As our products are used by elite athletes we only produce WADA/IOC compliant products. By transforming extensive scientific research into precisely engineered formulations, SCI-MUSCLE provides extremely effective, cutting edge and safe nutritional bodybuilding supplements for all health minded enthusiasts. We strive to help individuals achieve the peak of physical health by combining the responsible use of nutritional supplements with proper diet, exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle. SCI-MUSCLE products stand alone in quality, effectiveness and high-tech design. Product ingredients are selected based on the most recent scientific research and studies that prove their effectiveness.

When you purchase a SCI-MUSCLE supplement, you’re getting the very best there is.