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Antun "Killer" Racic a MMA fighter who trains with "Gladiator Fight Team" - the deadliest team in Europe and among the most dangerous in the world

Antun Racic definitely counts among the best MMA fighters in lower weight classes in Europe. Even though he's only 22, he has accumulated plenty of experience and fought for some big promotions, such as M-1. He is entering the FFC with a score of 11-4, and in his last fight last December he forced Italian Cristian Binda to submission with a heel hook in the first round. Racic began training Judo at five years old and got his black belt when he was 15. Acquiring a strong fundamental base through his dedication and training with the Gladiator Fight Team, he became the FILA World Junior Grappling Champion in 2010.
Antun trains at Gladijator Team alongside teammates Maro Perak, Ante Delija, Hrvoje Slade and Kristijan Perak.

sci-muscle Antun Killer Racic

sci-muscle Antun Killer Racic fight

sci-muscle Antun Killer Racic champion

FFC 5 - Antun Racic vs. Artak Nazarjan (1/2)

FFC 5 - Antun Racic vs. Artak Nazarjan (2/2)

FFC 4 - Antun Racic vs. Bojan Kosednar