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Cro Cop announces his fight against Emelianenko: I have the experience, quality and tough fights on my side!

This autumn Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic returns to the MMA ring. The full details are unknown as of yet, but judging by the news exclusively released by Fight Site, in October or November he should face Alexander Emelianenko at a Legend event in Russia's capital Moscow. The two have already met on the opposite sides of the ring. In 2004, at the Pride Final Conflict tournament, Cro Cop sold his "special" to Emelianenko. After that spectacular high kick, Mirko finished the job with ground punches, concluding one of his best performances in Pride.

In an exclusive interview, Cro Cop has announced his return to the MMA ring.

How did the Emelianenko fight come about after your great victory at the K-1 WGP Final in Zagreb?

"Considering that the last year was very exhausting and ended in the best way possible, I decided to take some rest and not to think about my next fight for two months. Of course, a good rest for me means training at least once a day. That's never been a problem, I'll always do that, but I honestly wasn't thinking about any fights. In the last twenty or so days my manager Orsat Zovko has informed me that he's been intensively negotiating some options. Other than the Inoki fight, which should be our regular gig after the last New Year's Eve, he's also negotiated with the owner of the Russian organization Legend. The fight was successfully arranged last week. "

Alexander Emelianenko is a very demanding opponent who is also a great motivation?

"The opponent is attractive, Moscow is also an interesting place for a fight and judging by everything it will be a true spectacle. Ruslan Suleymanov has already proven he can do world class production and his last show with Badr Hari and Alexander Emelianenko was top quality. So there's no reason to doubt that this time also he will do his best to give a great show to the world audience. "

When are your preparations starting?

"As of today, I'm starting to concentrate on this fight. As always, I promise to give my maximum. "

What are your memories of the first fight against Emelianenko in 2004?

"I absolutely remember that fight like it was today, but the situation then was a little bit different compared to now. I was at the peak of my career then, and Alexander was an upcoming young guy. In this case, I think the experience, quality, number of fights and the opponent I've faced are on my side. So it's definitely something for Alexander to think about. On the other hand, he's in his fighting prime, and that is a segment that important for me and I need to concentrate on. It is certain that I must not underestimate Emelianenko. "

Does that mean we can expect only fights under MMA rules this year?

"No, there is an option of a kickboxing fight. That's on the table too. We're waiting for the K-1 owner, Mike Kim, to state his plans. But we also have to put together options that are the safest for us at this point, "Cro Cop concluded.

2013 K-1 World Grand Prix winner - Mirko Filipovic

2013 K-1 World Grand Prix winner - Mirko Filipovic

2013 K-1 World Grand Prix winner - Mirko Filipovic

2013 K-1 World Grand Prix winner - Mirko Filipovic

2013 K-1 World Grand Prix winner - Mirko Filipovic

2013 K-1 World Grand Prix winner - Mirko Filipovic

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