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Eva Pogacnik, IFBB Pro. / Sci-MUSCLE Sponsored Athlete

Eva Pogacnik, was born on December 15, 1972 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her childhood included many activities such as cycling, snow skiing, ju-jitsu, judo and weight training. Her involvement in bodybuilding and fitness stems from a fifteen years elite-level career in ju-jitsu, snow skiing and weight lifting. She attended High School in Ljubljana. After High School she studied Kinesology at the University of Ljubljana. She speaks English, German, French, Italian and obviously Slovenian. In the 1999 she finished special course for personal trainers in Belgium.

She is a personal trainer and she likes to teach other how to be and stay fit.

Her statistics are:

Height: 169 cm
Competition weight: about 66 kg
Biceps off season: 42 cm
Thighs: 67 cm
Calves: 42 cm
Heaviest off season weight: about 77 kg

Competition History:

Miss Bodybuilding Slovenia 95' (Ptuj - Slovenia)
Miss Fitness Europe ILBB 95' (Ancona - Italy)
II. place WPF miss Universum - middle weight 95' (Paris - France)
III. place WPF miss Universum - heavy weight 96' (Salerno - Italy)
II. place Grand prix ILBB - heavy weight 96' (Strasbourg - France)
Best poser Grand prix ILBB 96' (Strasbourg - France)
IV. place IFBB Grand prix 97' (absolute category) (Tesenterlo - Belgium)
II. place ACF miss World 98' (Auxerre - France)
III. place WPF miss Universum 98' (Barcelona - Spain)
I. place miss World 99' (Auxerre - France)
I. place mixed pairs World 99' (Auxerre - France)
II. place WPF miss Universum 99 (Stuttgart - Germany )
III. place mixed pairs Universum 99 (Stuttgart - Germany)
III. place WABBA miss World 99 (Alzey - Germany)
V. place WABBA mixed pairs World 99 (Alzey - Germany)
I. place WPF miss Universum 2002 (Montpellie - France)
II. place WPF miss Olympia Cop 2002 (Belgium)
I. place Miss Fitness Slovenija 2007 (Slovenia)
II. place Miss Fitness Due Torri 2007 (Modena - Italy)
II. place Miss Fitness Due Torri 2008 (Modena - Italy)
I. place IFBB Arnold Classic Europe, physique, 2012 (Madrid - Spain)
Eva won her Pro card after winning at ACE last year in Madrid and her PRO debut will be in New York in May 2014.

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