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Ante "Walking Trouble" Delija: My hands are swollen from hitting Selmani, I knocked two of his teeth out!

Ante walking trouble delija

"I can tell you that my opponent was really tough, I think it speaks volumes that my hands were completely swollen after the fight, I even had to go to the emergency for examination.


Ricco "Suave" Rodriguez – signed a three-fight contract with the Final Fight Championship (FFC)

zelg benkei galesic

The thirty-five year old American entered the world of free fighting with an impeccable bjj background, making his MMA debut in 1999. Only a year later he fought in PRIDE and in his first fight for the Japanese promotion he defeated Gary Goodridge by decision.


Zelg "Benkei " Galesic - a new aggressive fighter in Sci-Muscle team!

zelg benkei galesic

An aggressive figure in Mixed Martial Arts from Croatia, Zelg "Benkei " Galesic has earned a lot of fame and respect in the field of fighting. His real name is 'Zelg Galesic', but he is more famous with the given name 'Zelg "Benkei " Galesic'.


Antun "Killer" Racic a MMA fighter who trains with "Gladiator Fight Team" - the deadliest team in Europe and among the most dangerous in the world.

Antun Killer Racic

Antun Racic definitely counts among the best MMA fighters in lower weight classes in Europe. Even though he's only 22, he has accumulated plenty of experience and fought for some big promotions, such as M-1.


SCI-MUSCLE NUTRITION LTD. has signed a long term partnership with Final Fight Championship (FFC) as Official Nutritional Supplement Provider


London, May 06, 2013 – SCI-MUSCLE NUTRITION LTD, an expanding British nutritional supplement company, is pleased to announce a long term partnership agreement with the Final Fighting Championship (FFC).