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Mladen Brestovac ''The Scorpion Sting'' / Muay Thai, Kickboxing Super Heavyweight World Champion / SCI-MUSCLE Sponsored Athlete!

Sci-MUSCLE proudly presents the new member - Mladen Brestovac ''The Scorpion Sting''

Mladen "The Scorpion Sting" Brestovac (born October, 1983) is a Croatian Super Heavyweight Muay Thai kickboxer, fighting out of Spartan Gym in Zagreb. He is a former Croatian Muay Thai champion. He has competed in the K-1 and SUPERKOMBAT promotions and is currently signed to Final Fight Championship and GLORY. He was named Croatian K-1 Fighter of the Year in 2013 by a jury of experts made of Fight Channel members, kickboxing coaches and sports journalists. Mirko Filipović, as one of the best Croatian kickboxers of all time, was out of competition.

Name: Mladen Brestovac
Nickname: The Scorpion Sting
Born: October 27, 1983 (age 34)
Zagreb, Croatia

Nationality: Croatia
Height: 1.98 m (6 ft 6 in)
Weight: 116.9 kg (258 lb; 18.41 st)[1]

Division: Super Heavyweight
Style: Muay Thai, Kickboxing
Stance: Southpaw
Fighting out of Zagreb, Croatia
Team: Spartan Gym
Trainer: Aleksandar Pupac
Years active: 2002- present

Kickboxing record:
Total: 68
Wins: 54
By knockout: 36
Losses: 13
By knockout: 4
Draws: 1

• FFC Heavyweight Championship (one time, current) (4 Title Def.)[22]
• 2016 Glory Heavyweight (+95 kg/209.4 lb) Contender Tournament Runner-up
• 2014 NDC K-1 Rules Heavyweight +100 kg Champion
• 2011 SUPERKOMBAT World Grand Prix II Runner-up
• 2009 K-1 ColliZion 2009 Final Tournament Runner-up
• 2009 K-1 ColliZion 2009 Mlada Boleslav Tournament Champion
• 2009 K-1 Rules Tournament in Budapest Champion
• 2008 K-1 Vienna Tournament Champion
• 2013 Croatian K-1 Fighter of the Year

Currently ranked #2 on the Glory heavyweight world ranking.

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