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Ricco "Suave " Rodriguez – signed a three-fight contract with the Final Fight Championship (FFC)

The thirty-five year old American entered the world of free fighting with an impeccable bjj background, making his MMA debut in 1999. Only a year later he fought in PRIDE and in his first fight for the Japanese promotion he defeated Gary Goodridge by decision. Before coming to the UFC in 2001 he won the King of the Cage title in a fight with future UFC and Strikeforce contended Pail Buentello. Following five consecutive wins in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, in September 2002 he was given the opportunity to fight for the title with legendary Randy Couture. In the fifth round Rodriguez landed some merciless elbow strikes in ground fight, forcing Couture's verbal submission and becoming the first fighter of Mexican origin to carry the UFC belt. While preparing to fight "The Natural " he had help from the best fighters of the time - "Smashing Machine " Mark Kerr and Tito Ortiz. He lost the title in his first defense to "Maine-iac " Tim Sylvia. Rodriguez continued his career fighting in Israel, Brazil, England, the Philippines, Russia, Poland, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates, and after fighting Ante Delija in Dubrovnik, Croatia, he signed a three-fight contract with the Final Fight Championship. At FFC05 in Osijek, he will face 24-year-old Pole Blazej Wojcik who will go into the clash with the former UFC champion with the career score of 3-2.


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Final Fight Championship 5 - Ricco Rodriguez vs. Tomaz Simonic