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Zelg "Benkei" Galesic: SCI-MUSCLE is currently my right arm

In mid-May, one of UK's best fighters and SCI-MUSCLE team member Zelg Galesic underwent a difficult surgical procedure on his hand, injured during his last fight in London.

Talking to Fight Site, one of the best UK and Croatian MMA fighters and head coach of Trojan Gym Pula revealed how his post-op recovery was going, his plans for the future and his opinion on the FFC promotion.

Your post-op recovery is ongoing. What was the nature of your injury? How long has it been since the operation and how is your recovery going?

"It was a right hand fracture on an atypical and complicated spot. It's been 7 weeks since the operation and I'm currently in the phase of intensive physical therapy. "

You've started training again? What type of training are you doing at this stage?

"I'm back in training, but it's limited. At this point I'm doing increased aerobic part with some plyometrics here and there as an explosive factor since I'm unable to train with weights. As for the fighting part of the training, conversion or specific part in general, that will have to wait until full recovery. "

Do you have any special nutrition regime in this period and does it change as a fight draws nearer?

"I'm currently in a healthy diet phase, but nothing overzealous; it's moderate to improve the recovery. Of course, when a fight draws closer, diet is adapted to the energy needs of the body as well. "

You've agreed cooperation with SCI-MUSCLE, how much does it help with your preparation and training?

"SCI-MUSCLE is currently my right arm. Because I'm unable to work out using weights, I was afraid I'd lose my muscle mass, but with their Impact X5 protein and Metabolon I’ve managed to keep a full tonus, which is very difficult to do in this situation."

What are your plans for the rest of the year, when can we expect to see your next fight?

"Plans for me are to fight twice this year for the FFC organization. For the first time ever in my hometown Pula and at the end of the year in Abu Dhabi. "

A number of your fighters have fought in the FFC events. How much do you think will FFC events help in the promotion of martial sports in the region and how much will they help young fighters to break through?

"My fighters regularly participate in FFC events, which I'm extremely proud of, since the FFC is one of the best European promotions, maybe even the best one. The FFC organization has, over a short period, become a goal for many fighters. More and more world famous fighters and managers are asking me to give them Orsat Zovko's phone number to set something up. I think that those fighters who will be successful in the FFC can be sure they are kept track of at the world level. I'd also like to thank Orsat Zovko and the entire FFC team and my sponsors SCI-MUSCLE and GRIPS Athletics for the support they've given me over the past several months. "

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